Part-time opportunity turned career and family affair

Firehouse Home Inspections owner and lead inspector, Don Scott, wasn’t always in the home inspection business. After spending over 30 years in fire service and retiring from the Wellington Fire Department in Wellington, Kansas in 2004, Don began looking for a suitable encore. Unwittingly, Don had been preparing for a career in home inspection at WFD, carrying out training sessions on related topics like fire prevention, natural gas and carbon monoxide hazards, and more.

“My fire service career set me up well for a career in home inspection. We feel our inspections are some of the most thorough you can find, in part, due to the many years of working alongside homeowners in my fire service days,” says Don.

Since his start, Don has earned ACI Gold certification with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and has personally inspected well over 4,000 homes since 2004. In fact, his passion for safety, thoroughness and providing value to each and every homeowner inspired Don’s son, Wesley, to join the Firehouse Home Inspection team in 2012. Wesley, has since become a ASHI-certified home inspector as well.