If potentially faulty electric equipment existed in your home that could case a fire, you would want to know about it.

Real Danger

The Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok circuit breaker, a commonly installed electric panel component, was identified in the 1980s as a fire threat because some of the breakers proved defective. Typically, a well-functioning home circuit breaker identifies an electrical surge and trips in seconds. A Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok circuit breaker takes considerably longer to trip and heats up surrounding wiring quickly.

Failed Technology

An overheated electric box makes for a hazardous situation when near surrounding wall insulation and easily ignitable building materials. New homebuyers may not know if their circuit breaker is a defective one until the breaker is removed and tested or in some cases, after it causes a devastating fire.

Due to a lack of funds, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ceased their investigation of the Federal Pacific Electric breaker and does not have plans to review the issue. In fact, some insurance companies believe the breaker is a hidden risk and they won’t issue a homeowner’s policy.

The Solution

Homeowners who reside in homes built between the 1950s and the late 1980s or who see the words “Federal Pacific Electric” printed on their home’s electric panel are at the greatest risk of a potential fire.

It’s the homeowner who must take precautionary measures to remove the threat of a possible fire. New homebuyers should have the breaker in a home inspected and tested to determine whether or not the one installed is safe before purchasing a home.

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